Wednesday, 16 March 2016

More music to your home

Grey Music Notes Duvet Cover Set

Do you like the passionate conductor, Rodrigo, Mozart in Jungle? Music is a magical thing that can affect people's mood and makes people happy, calm, or exciting. If you play instruments or are a music lover, you must have a look at our music series products.

Music Note Queen Bedding Set - Beige

The grey/white music note duvet cover set is a versatile duvet cover as it is reversible according to your liking.

If you have a neutral tone bedding, you can look at the Music Note Queen Bedding Set - Beige.

Triple Layered Music Note Guitar Necklace

If you are looking for Gift ideas, you can have a look at the Triple Layered Music Note Necklace, or the Crystal Treble Clef Gold Tone Music Necklace.

Piano Keyboard Music Bag

For other music products, you can click this link to see the searched result.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Fun and Exquisite Bedding Sets for Kids

Airplane Travel Duvet Cover Set

If you are looking for high quality and unique bedding sets for kids, you must look at our appliques series duvet cover sets.

Solar System Space Blue Glow in Dark Duvet Cover Set

These duvet covers have the best design and the exquisite techniques. The patterns, for example, the dinosaurs, planets, or airplanes, are made by real appliques that are joined together by hand.

Fire Trucks and Police Cars Duvet Cover Set

The edges are finished with clean embroidered lines. Therefore, the time spend to make each duvet cover is 10 times than the regular duvet cover that is made by printed fabric.

Diggers Tractor Duvet Cover Set

We ask our customers to care these bedding sets with care just like your high end clothes and lingerie. To wash the bedding set safely, please use a heavy duty mesh net wash bag to protect the decorative art work. There are some large size washing bag for garments and bedding. After you place the duvet cover in the large mesh washing bag, please use delicate cycle, cold water, high water level, and don’t use the dryer. Line dry only.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Duvet Cover is better than a Comforter

A comforter is usually filled with synthetic fiber filler. The filler is stitched to the comforter with usually patterns on it. When you need to wash it, you need to put the whole comforter to your washer. If your washer is too small for your comforter, you would need to take the comforter to dry clean.

A duvet is usually made by more expensive down feather and it needs to be used with a duvet cover.

A duvet cover is a protective cover that has a long opening (for example, a zipper) so you can insert your feather duvet to this cover. A duvet cover is washable and will protect the duvet from stains, damage, and dirt.

In other words, a duvet cover is like a pillow case that protects the pillow. When you want to change the look of your bedding, you can just purchase another duvet cover and replace the old duvet cover with the new duvet cover by opening the zipper on the end.

Pink double ruffle sham

Start spring with this gorgeous double ruffle pillow sham decorated with a bow.

100% cotton so guaranteed to be soft.